In our performance you can see the most beautiful and the most interesting original Serbian folk dances.

The tiny and delicate steps of these dances are connected in filigreed dance which has ethnographic and historical significance interwoven with customs.

You will delight in the speed and vitality of our dancing.

While you watch our program you will feel like you walk through Serbia.

                                                       OUR REPERTOIRE CONSIST OF:

     Dances from  
  around Belgrade

  "Šumadija" dances
  from central Serbia

"From the mountain Kosmaj flute playing"

       Dances from


 Dances from Banat

   Fany dance from

 Romanian dances
   from Vojvodina

     Gypsy tent

 Gypsy loving dance

  dance from Vranje

Dances from around  

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